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TacVent 2-Pack – Black

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2 Black TacVent body armor ventilation panels

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Weight 1.3 lbs

3 reviews for TacVent 2-Pack – Black

  1. Roxanna Camacho

    Easy to navigate

  2. Dave T

    The latest innovation from the folks at TacVent is a product that is incredibly lightweight and flexible. The biggest difference in the new TacVent is the reduction in weight and the incredible flexibility. I took the TacVent out of the packaging (which was minimal. You’re welcome, planet earth!) and found it had four velcro tabs stitched into the material for easily securing the TacVent to the carrier. It’s heavy duty velcro and it’s not the cheap adhesive that melts in in the heat and makes your radar head fall off your dash. This is a quality product and my TacVent stayed in place throughout the entirety of a long shift which took place on a twelve hour shift. I work in the humid state of Oklahoma and this product makes the prospect of wearing a vest not nearly such a big deal as it used to be.

    The best way figure out the sizing of your TacVent is to line the top of the TacVent with the “collar” of your carrier. Then just make sure it’s straight and try it on. If its too long and your gut gets pinched between your duty belt and your Tacvent, you can easily trim it with scissors. But most folks don’t have to do this.

    Now, what does the TacVent do, exactly? If you didn’t get a chance to see the videos and went straight to the meat and potatoes and found yourself here, then you’re in luck because I’m about to school you. The TacVent simply does what you struggle to do all shift long. It gets air under your vest! It’s superior to competitor products that try to use matter to create space which is a paradox! It just doesn’t work! The TacVent uses channels to let fresh air get in from the top and sides of your vest and works like a bellows system to constantly push air in and out under your vest as you breathe.

    Will it make you feel like Ice Man from Top Gun? Or Mr. Freeze? I dunno. Will you feel the rush of air under your vest and feel like you can take every call dispatch can throw at you? Maybe. I can’t guarantee you’ll be a fighter ace or the next top cop. But you won’t dread wearing your vest and you’ll be at the top of your game by not suffering heat exhaustion with every traffic stop or call for service to a trailer with no air conditioning.

    Great product and will buy another one when this one wears out in about 100 years.

  3. James Edwards (verified owner)

    Great product. Ordered for my officers and the first time wearing it they both said it was awesome. It allowed the air (outside or a/c) to circulate around their vest and stay cool. No more wet T-shirt at end of shift.

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