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TacVent Testimonials

It really works. What else can I say? I knew it would, before I tried it, and though I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be, I was amazed at how light and smooth it was over my torso. No pressure points at all.

Daniel Q, Police Officer II, Motor Unit

I sweat a LOT, whether in briefing, in a black and white or on a treadmill. I only got to test the TacVent for one shift but it was like heaven. In the car I could actually feel the AC reaching down past my chest and down to my stomach. Going back to just the vest was pretty rough.

John S., Deputy, Patrol

As a female officer I wasn’t sure this would fit me anatomically but it did, and it worked like a dream, flexing horizontally and vertically. I hate to sweat in uniform, and the vest odor is no treat, but this device actually fixes all that, even in Los Angeles. When I get going on my bike I can really feel the wind get under the vest where it is needed most.

Kimberly O., Police Officer II, Bike Unit


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